‘Tis the season for harvesting grapes in the Verde Valley. As you travel to the area’s many vineyards, you see that the growers are hard at work harvesting many different varieties of grapes. We planted wine grapes here at Candlewood nearly three years ago and we’re close to the time when we can harvest our grapes for our own, boutique wine.

While we’re not quite to that point, we did have a tremendous harvest so far this summer! From only 4 of our vines we were able to make delicious wine grape jelly, enough to share with our Bed & Breakfast guests at Mescal Canyon Retreat and for our friends and family! 

Even though you can’t drink wine directly from Candlewood yet, remember that fall is incredible time for wine-lovers to visit the Verde Valley. If you’re coming this way to stay with us at Mescal Canyon Retreat, remember to check out the harvest festivals in town: Sedona’s Wine Festival is September 18 & 29, Page Springs’ Harvest Festival is Saturday, October 5 and Alcantara’s Harvest Festival is Saturday, October 12. Join us this fall and have a taste of the Verde Valley!