2013 brought new changes to Candlewood. In the spring, we were surprised to receive a letter from Candlewood Suites, a corporate hotel chain based in Atlanta. They wrote us to tell us that our use of the name Candlewood for our Bed & Breakfast conflicted with their right to the name Candlewood for their hotel chain. We were surprised that a national corporate chain found our  Bed & Breakfast in rural Arizona a threat to them. And despite the inconvenience, we understood that this was happening for a reason. We took the opportunity to reinvent ourselves, by name. 

For 30 years, we have always called our home and this property Candlewood, and we will continue to call it just that. Our Bed & Breakfast, however, is now Mescal Canyon Retreat. We chose this name because, in fact, Candlewood sits in Mescal Canyon, an off-the-beaten-path part of the Verde Valley that lies at the base of Mingus Mountain. We wanted to keep our tie to place as much as possible, and honor the surrounding beauty that drew us to this place originally. For those of you who have been here in the past, you’ll find that little has changed here except for the name. For those who will come for the first time, you’ll find that the peace and quiet of Candlewood will make your stay at Mescal Canyon Retreat one to remember.

We invite you all to Candlewood for a stay with us at Mescal Canyon Retreat!