The evolution of Mescal Canyon Retreat has been organic in many ways. The property has evolved from a homestead site situated in a desert wash, to a small home and garden plot with a couple of solar panels, then to multiple buildings and a larger garden beds, then came the addition of the Cedar Studio and more solar panels, and on and on. The transformation has been incremental, but the motivation has been the same: the idea that self-sufficient and sustainable places are created through a labor of love and a commitment to create a built environment that compliments and responds to nature.  Change is constant here and every season brings a new opportunity to make this place better.

One of the exciting projects happening at Mescal Canyon Retreat this fall and winter is the construction of a new building on the property. Over the past few years of operating the Bed & Breakfast on the property, many of our guests have expressed interest in use of a kitchen. We have also seen, especially during the winter months, the need to offer our guests the option to have breakfast inside. Rennie designed a new space in response to the needs for our Bed & Breakfast to grow and physically expand. This new buildling will allow us to offer visitors a communal space where they can relax indoors, have a place to sit with a book and cup of tea, or a space to meditate or practice yoga during their visit. 

Many of you who have visited our Bed & Breakfast know that the two rooms each face a courtyard and have their own seating areas. The Sage Room opens up to a small lawn and seating area, and a larger, gravel courtyard to the southwest of. The larger courtyard will be the site for this new building. We started gathering materials and began preliminary construction of the foundation in November. We will be using the same rock wall construction technique that is found on all of the buildings on the property and we were lucky to be able to source nearly all of the rock for this building locally, from the adjacent property.

You can see the beginnings of this transformation in the images here. Over the next few months, we will continue to post progress of the building’s construction. We think you’ll love it and we can’t wait to have you here!